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      Taizhou ZhuoYa Auto Parts Co.,Ltd.there exists Auto Support Series、All Fitness Massage Chairs、Cabinet,Shelf&Drmer Series、Connector Series、Lockable Gas Spring、Controllable Gas Spring Series, safety net, products of Ruanti series and so on.Its mainline product covers Some series as follows: automobiles, fitness device, medical equipment, furniture, cupboards, absorbers, and other industriesshock Absorber and so on.

      The company is an itengration of research,development,and production.in2000,it developing QD pneumatic spring support series and was appraided As the New Proudt & Technological Enterprise of Fenghua City in2002,in 2003,it was ,recognized by the city Commission of Science and technology as a new-tech fostering enterprise And has started to receiv subsidy form the Scince & Technology Fund issued by the central govemment.

      The company has been taking the commanding ground of techmology in the is an earliest firm that has introduced internationally Advanced QPQ metal surface antirot and fortifcation treatment technique and production line. it has also introduced from japan And Taiwan the high-precision coreless grinder processing lines. These efforts result in a fundamental material guarantee of high quality products.

      The company,adhering to"Quality and Clients First"business And service tenet, adopts a allroud quality control system ranging from raw material supply,processing\production, warehouse management till post-sales service. it has digital detecting and testing equipment and technology. it has got ISO9001:1994 and ISO9001:2000 international quality control certifications as well as the test confirmation report by the state Automobile Quality Supervision & in spection Center.

      with the supports from the clients at home and abroad, the technology content of our producs ha been growing progressively and persistently. Take the pneumatic spring series for example. it has reached the word leading level among the same categry by German Stabius co .our products are esported to the southeast Asia, Hong Kong, japan,the p.o.k;the u.s;chile,Mexico and other countries and regions Meanwhile,we also supply quality products and service to domestic automobile and motorcycle industry as well as to the fields like furniture,kitchenware,and beauty and fit devices.

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